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[Liv Alexander, actress-producer] [BURT WARD in STAR QUEST] STAR QUEST is a SAG (Hollywood Screen Actors Guild) signatory feature film. BURT WARD who starred as "Robin" in BATMAN, the original movie and TV series, stars in the movie. I joined SAG as a signatory producer and actress to make this movie. It was a wonderful experience starring with the Wonder Boy himself.

The movie is based on the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's play, "The Lady from the Sea." The play was written in 1888 and is known as "Fruen fra havet" in the Norwegian language. The story centers around one of Ibsen's most intriguing female characters, namely "Ellida," which we changed for the movie to "Lydia." I strove to capture the essence of the classical Norwegian character that Ibsen portrayed in this marvelous drama.

The adaptation of the play for the screen centered on the exchange of "space" for "sea." So "The Lady from the Sea" became the story of the "Lady from Space," but we didn't call it that because in Norwegian "fruen fra havet,"; or "The Lady from the Sea," really implies "Mermaid." Therefore, the story of Lydia became the story of a Starwoman who crashlands on earth. The year is 2200 and the setting is the spaceship where she lives with her husband, WAYNE, played by BURT WARD, whom she's married to when the movie opens.

Thus the drama unfolds ten years later when LYDIA hears from an artist friend, ANDY, the haunting news about the STRANGER, another starman (seaman in Ibsen's play) to whom she was once engaged, that he is still alive. The realization that he still intends to come and get her is extremely unsettling.

Now, married to WAYNE, she agonizes over the promise she had once given to the STRANGER. She decides to tell her husband. Once over the shock and horror of learning that LYDIA is still obsessed with the love of another man and after hearing details of what sounds as strange thoughts and neuroses, WAYNE decides that LYDIA must be ill and he decides to help her. However, it's LYDIA who takes hold, in typical Ibsen fashion, and dominates WAYNE, forcing him to give her the freedom to make her own decision, to go with the STRANGER or stay with him.

Finally the STRANGER arrives. He takes his stance and asks her to go with him. He speaks to her of the "promise that he kept" to come back for her. He makes his claim with the power of a man who has come back from oblivion, someone who was "lost in space." For ten years he's maintained his obsession with the woman he considers his soul mate.

LYDIA's emotional journey in reaching her decision to stay with her husband is one of the most elegant affirmations of marriage in modern drama. Henrik Ibsen's quintessential play about marriage, love and relationships, written one hundred years ago, still holds true today. And it will hold true two hundred years from today, which is the premise of my movie.

I believe STAR QUEST will become an enduring classic of cinema. This is my quest, to make movies of enduring value, movies that inspire and entertain with the talents God has given me.

--Liv Alexander, actress-producer

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