Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen is Norway's most famous international writer. He is considered the Father of Modern Drama. His plays are classics of theater art. Such plays as "A Doll's House" and "Peer Gynt" are well known throughout the world. "The Lady from the Sea" is one of my favorites. The female character in the play is based on a girl whom Ibsen was briefly engaged to, against his parents wishes. I've based my movie on a futuristic adaptation of this play. And to maintain the classical feel of the movie, I chose Grieg music for the score. Click here to learn more about the movie.

Edvard Grieg

Norway's foremost composer, Edvard Grieg was also a Henrik Ibsen contemporary. They collaborated on Peer Gynt, which is the music used for this movie as well. The music of Grieg is steeped in Norwegian folklore, and rings true with all Ibsen stories. The classical feel of STAR QUEST is enhanced by this incredibly beautiful music. And the opening titles of the movie utilize Munch paintings.

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch was commissioned by Henrik Ibsen to do the posters for the Paris opening of Peer Gynt. Ibsen had a great admiration for Edvard Munch's talent as a painter. Munch's paintings are utilized in the title sequence of STAR QUEST. Edvard Munch belongs in the school of Impressionism, although later, he was called "The Father of Expressionism," based on such works as " The Scream" and others that were described as the "impressionism of the soul." He had a long and productive career. There is a beautiful museum in Oslo dedicated to his work. Click here to see Munch and other Norwegian paintings.

Gustav Vigeland

I grew up as a child playing in Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway, but later when I was a teenager I discovered the other works of Vigeland. I was amazed by the detail and realism of these sculptures. While the monumental Vigeland Park sculptures were carved out of Norwegian granite, the museum sculptures of Vigeland where mostly in bronze. Here are a few of my favorite sculptures of Gustav Vigeland, Norway's greatest sculptor.

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